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Rapper trina nude pictures

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Lol, brings out the flava Daisy.

Trina girl how do you not think you were allergic to something if you broke out in hives girl!???

Rapper trina nude pictures

It's not like they took the pics for us to see. Geri halliwell lesbian. Wow man hush girl, learn to pronounce words better and then Holla back Trina. I think Kenyons ex-wife did the vid… fanta orange …. Rapper trina nude pictures. I was calling up my mom crying like 'Mom Then he met my daddy and now understands me.

If I made one, I'm keeping it. You're Mike fucking Tyson. I made fish tacos. Photos in the studio. I hope they are caught it really is an invasion of privacy I'm still upset about the Rihanna one tho But pics of Kenyon smoking weed could get him kicked out of the NBA. K michelle nude pics. Oh no 'kids, the lesson' is not to move ur naked pictures off the phone - but not to take them all! Does Trina even havedollars. No need to feel sad about crossing over to the dark side.

Luckily, the first thing my doc said was "Do you own a hot tub? The way you phrased it, it sounded like the rash was on her junk which it wasn't. She later discussed what the images were about and the seriousness behind them. Big up to Trina for what seemed to be an honest statement to MTV.

I see you revoultionary fist raised high over there. Is she crying up there? Now you looking like Azz on the internet. What the hell is showing her azz, her crying, and some warts gonna do for her? We watched the entire minutes! How about doing something charitable or anything else positive instead for a change? Do U agree with us? Seriously, why the fuck would you expose someone like that?

She would not be the first celebrity that the FBI has intervened on behalf of. Hopefully we can deal with the situation and put an end to it. Normally I would take this moment to clown and be a little silly.

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I thought they were the most proud of their bodies…. Blonde mom naked. Not to mention they are different people in half the pics, one is a man for fuck sakes. I have crossed over. The pictures of her crying touched my heart for what ever strange reason.

Interracial is not a problem here, but a great merit to cherish! Life is one big lesson. A Voice of Sanity says — reply to this. AtotheJ says — reply to this. Unflattering or not, all publicity is good publicity and although she probably didn't leak them personally, I'm sure someone from her record label saw that albums which didn't sell and jumped at the free PR opp. Rapper trina nude pictures. Sarie23 says — reply to this. Big booty and big tits. ListenToMeInstead says — reply to this.

Imagine photogs snapping at your cottage cheese thighs onthe beach or catching that fem-stache in the proper light. What was that Perez? Revolennon says — reply to this. You put some shocking shit on here sometimes. STD rash on the hand? I hope they find this coward and put his punk ass in jail. Next time you threaten them. An update on the MirandaLambert cheating scandal! I learned long ago to have insurance. WTF was that all about? But in no way do I think she created this mess.

Sandy you bogus for this picture lol. My arms, legs, and sometimes feet breakout like that anytime I drink milk. Fresh has them on her site. Japanese milf porn videos. Those bumpsa are hives.

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Login to post comments. I'm still upset about the Rihanna one tho

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