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Disappointed by my google search. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Big booty and big tits. Use RES to customize even more. Will anybody really care about a breach of contract for something like that? And I do find it pretty ridiculous and beyond any reasonable assumption that they might possibly digitally insert this type of anatomical detail onto the scene.

Green verification check mark guide and verified users list To hide spoilers use format: Hence the vehement reactions. Lindsey sporrer nude. General Hospital spoilers tease that Elizabeth Hendrickson has I'd actually like to see him set up Sporrer's xsplit because suspect she isn't too confident with computers, so it will basically become a guide to setting up streaming akin to the one he wrote on his blog long ago for FMLE.

Rotterdam, frodan stream just fine, and that's not even the issue. I get it, it's marketing and she's a nice pair of tits. This chick is a real threat because Miranda can identify with her. Am I the only one who thinks of this as a pure marketing-thing to increase her popularity? To hide spoilers use format: Dat external motivation down south. You think anything that criticises a human being who happens to randomly be a woman is sexism and because they are women rather than for whatever faults they have while they just happen to irrelevantly be women.

Shame on anyone trying to keep our community small by scaring new blood, and especially those who are afraid of women. Sexy girls forum. Jesus fucking christ, this is such utter and utter bullshit. Both went for the "Fuck this tourney up" build, but her execution was excellent and entertaining at the same time. It's worse because you're trying to reinforce patriarchy in exchange for karma.

Take your blinders off. Fri Jul 31, She was just chilling with Stephano earlier today She should know better than to accept a position she just isn't qualified for yet. And if she were actually wearing any thong or any underwear, it would have to be really tight, and then you would've seen "camel toe" instead the vulva squeezed down tight, and a little mound and slitbut you would never be seeing anything like that watch the scene and look at the damn cap, and then try to tell me that's underwear.

What I"m saying is you're hardcore overreacting, throwing a big fit for nothing, because when a community like ours has a lot of sexual tension, and then a woman comes and does something that people don't approve of, that's a perfect vessel for their sexism to come out.

She got told it woudln't be hard and that they'd show her the basics which they Didn't. It is either her clitoris or the lower part of her labia, which can sometimes dangle out obtrusively on some girls, but I have to say that round little knob you see poking out really does appear to be her clitoris I cant imagine Modeling is an extremely time hogging job:

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Sun Aug 02, I was NOT dissapointed. Mature black women with big tits. I'd welcome and love to hear other people's opinions on this. Log in or sign up in seconds. If you'd actually bothered to watch the clip or even look at the cap, it's really very obvious she has tan some lines going on, but she is clearly bare assed in the pool. More likely she was hired and it poor job by employer to teach her basic stuff.

Now we just need to get her a finger bowflex. Lindsey sporrer nude. No one is being 'mean to her' because she posts on facebook that she wants to learn, people are being mean to her because she host the NASL, and 'interviewed' players, looking wholly ignorant and annoying in the process.

Sounded much smarter too. Holy fucking anus, this excuse is such bullshit, Moletrap and HD get the same shit flung to their faces when they display lack of knowledge. October 18, at 1: But please keep being hurt about someone trying to learn about your precious game! SaviOr was on a KesPa team, and the top progamers there make 6 figures in USD- the lower level pros still make 5, which isn't bad.

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Lauren Elise and Lindsey Sporrer bodypaint photoshoot now. Thought she was much better than Lauren Elise. Vintage big boobs lesbian. Most importantly it shows that organizers are just trying to get views with the lowest common denominator. And I do find it pretty ridiculous and beyond any reasonable assumption that they might possibly digitally insert this type of anatomical detail onto the scene.

Did you even watch the beginning of the scene? Did you even bother to look at the clip or the cap? While I don't think the timing is entirely a coincidence, I wouldn't call capitalizing on the expansions' release "shady".

But it's not worth the risk to find out. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

She got told it woudln't be hard and that they'd show her the basics which they Didn't. It's been over a year. It's like someone interviewing Bruce Willis and then writing that they were in Die Hard. She's wearing the same underwear in the pool that she is wearing when she gets out of bed and walks towards the pool.

She asked someone if it was the first NASL final they'd been too.

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Because she is being given a position of authority and credibility that she does not deserve. At first I thought Lauren was just another pretty face to promote a tournamentbut she has grown on me. I mean she's so uninterested in the publicity this brings that she's posting hashtags on Facebook! I'm surprised I got such a negative response for something that's been backed by decades of research.

Lauren has a sweetzombiejesus hot body but Lindsay is cuter. Hot ass arab girl. Lindsey sporrer nude. I think that distinctive little rounded knob of flesh you can clearly see poking out is probably Salma's clitoris it's either that or the little "hoodie" that covers it. Lol That was the best part, cute girl making sc2 nerds awkward out. If she actually wanted to play the game, she would've done so by now. Sexy carpenter girl She had a big fanclub on TL but it was deleted.

I don't know how familiar you actually are with female genitalia, but I and many other guys can assure you, that ain't no underwear. I'm guessing it's because we already have a few hot female hostess that know a little bit or some even more about the game, so people are skeptical. Yeh okay, so let's accept that as an ambiguity of the English language, what I was trying to say was that it's stupid that it happened that way, or rather explain why shy got shit from people, because she got hired despite being wholly unqualified for her position.

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