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This page has been semi-protected for six months. Fight turns to lesbian sex. Per testimony, by State of California's medical witness, 12 embryos were implanted. Primary sources that have been reliably published for example, by a university press or mainstream newspaper may be used in Wikipedia, but only with care, because it is easy to misuse them.

The actual video is entitled, "Octomom: To continue, I had to numb, and that's when I started with the prescription drugs. Someone deleted references to the fertility doctor, and stated that it has no references to a biographical article. Natalie suleman naked. If you wish to appeal my decision, then please first read the entire assessment page, paying particular attention to WP: Retrieved from " https: She brought all those kids into the world so that she could get her 5 minutes of fame. Suleman's mother has a Christian name and Suleman has stated that she will get by with the help of her church, which suggests she's part of a Christian community.

If a reality shows comes up, end of story and their privacy. I don't think the ' improve this article' template is necessary at this point either. Changed "The octuplets' maternal grandfather" to "Suleman's father. The big wedding nude scene. The physician is equally if not more at fault for the strings of ethical issues often blamed on Nadya. I tried adding it to the lead but it kept being removed. Page is very biased as is.

I will leave a note at WT: Then later in the article her parents are referred to as Suleman. PHARM to see what they chose to do, but based on my past experience, you should expect them to similarly refuse. No father listed Birth Certificates of all 14 linked in footnote: MAYBE, big maybe, if you want to go into further detail about this "issue", then provide RS that discuss this, not yearbooks or court papers ect.

When did she work as a psychiatric technician? Please correct the inaccuracies in the Wikipedia entry. There would have been no burden on the taxpayers. In the discussion on her Oprah appearance someone put in that she was also on Idol Gives Back. According to the source cited, her birth name was Natalie Doud, not Suleman. Kamrava has admitted now at a hearing that he transferred 12 fresh embryos to Ms. I don't think that it needs the wikified template, I have issues with people over-linking to internal pages that are not relevant to the document.

Now that she has moved to register Octomom as her trademark [20]it is now her self-declared brand name, and not a media moniker. BLP instucts us to get the references right.

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Shouldn't the article include the children's names? There were several harvests of egg for which there was no implantation. Porn lesbian 3d. Her mom died from ovarian cancer inand her father suffered a tragic fall in that left him paralyzed. Phil" McGraw on Tuesday that she fears Kaiser Permanente Medical Center may not release her octuplets to her until she proves she can care for them It has been revealed at the hearing Ms.

The mere fact that somebody gets pregnant, even through medical intervention, does not place the person within the project's actual scope, which is focused on medical conditions and their treatments.

Until policy changes admin addressing it now here which would be a pretty broad sweeping policy affecting likely thousands of pages then the names should remain since they're not in violation of Wikipedia: Otherwise, be bold and make a guess. It even used the word "infamy" in referring to the actions of the Octomom. Natalie suleman naked. It is understandable that Wikipedia treads carefully in biographies of living persons, but in this case accuracy has clearly been established in a court of law, and it is time to discard inaccuracies perpetuated by the subject of the biography.

March 31, at Thanks, -- Tom Just remember, it's possible nobody has worked on this article since this information comes to light. If true, I think it's worth mentioning as part of her bio. Is it appropriate to add a link to the official website for the family?

That she has starred in porn might be too. It doesn't address the POV that once embryos were created they were human beings whose lives needed to be preserved.

The following discussion is closed.

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Kylie Jenner decided to keep her pregnancy to herself, but now that her "healthy baby girl" is here, she has released a long…. Mature big tits photo. March 31, at 8: Which is why until a highly reliable source quotes it we're not adding it to the article per WP: Millions of people are unemployed, and millions of people are disabled.

These facts override false statements by Ms. It seems she made this claim to help justify her and her doctor's decision to implant the six embryos that resulted in the octuplets. She used it within minutes of reporting the news first. Without a secondary source, a primary source may be used only to make descriptive claims, the accuracy of which is verifiable by a reasonable, educated person without specialist knowledge.

March 30, at Right now Suleman is only famous for giving birth to the kiddos. She was already a mom of six at the time. Views Read Edit View history.

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