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Naked for a dare

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Yummy and really, really nice, unlike most celebrity fragrances that seem all the same to me.

You are such a perve! It doesn't last all that long though, which is a shame. Interesting Amber arrives on the scene. Sex cum ass. Naked for a dare. They are kept in a small jewel box which is opened occasionally so I may inhale the magnificent scented contents.

A very good quality, long lasting, rich and exotic forgot the whole exotic paragraph! It is ever so slightly masculine on me. Ella gave me a look that pretty much asked if I was ok. Becoming a member allows you to: I guess the days of finding this wonderful boozyfloral beauty for a low price are over.

The next one showed her in the same pose except her panties were around her knees.

Naked for a dare

I love a warm and initially baking smell. As they went past somebody yelled something indecipherable out the window. I had hoped for greater longevity, but I did apply lightly and have been enjoying its' company all afternoon. The drydown has become much softer and closer to my skin.

Its been brilliant on my skin in hot weather! This is not raunchy but also not "nice girly". Every perfume rule I have has an exception.

I don't know what it is but it's drawing me in. Nude glamour sex. Got this one based on reviews here and since its discounted in Sweden. It stayed closed to the skin and to my dismay it's longevity was impressive.

I don't like Madonna but this fragrance is better than some high end fragrances. So far I am preferring Naked. The benzoin is prominent on my skin in a smoky kind of way.

I know it's not a gourmand and I like it even better because it feels like a very light Thierry Mugler on my skin and wafting up into my nose.

It was nothing like I'd expected from the notes listed. For being Madonna, this is a very subdued perfume. It reminds me of old-school type vibe. Nice men's deodorant, but not me.

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View on one page. I will give it a full wear to fully determine Like another reviewer mentioned, it's got the smell of a delicious lip balm as well. Big tits big toys. Naked for a dare. In fact the thought of Ella riding that giant black cock pushed me right to the limit of my control and as Ella started to cum I was sent over the edge.

The illness I was getting over the first time had a direct effect on my sense of smell that day. I'm no expert and just learning to understand notes.

I do get a root beer float vibe, but I sort of like that. I am new at this you know. I can't really figure it out. I think it's the strong overtones of the woody-ness on my skin with a hint of powder. I wear this to bed and my partner loves it. There's even a kind of boozy quality that works well in this composition.

Dry down smells like someone butt naked. Voted 1 lesbian pornsite. I expected to hear her say how much it hurt but instead she let out a guttural moan and she shivered, making her breasts shake. I find the peach blossom surprsingly strong in the first hour or so -- sort of overwhelms the composition. I pressed the record button and sent her on her way. Or are you going to reject my dare? They both lack "rounding", by that I mean a high quality perfume to me goes thru the notes blending and swirling and relax into a "musical chord".

Again, not terrible but not particularly interesting. I thought this was a great perfume for smelling mysterious and enticing for a date, or for night-club dancing. Smells a tad masculin but thats what i love about it aswell. Ayesha takia nude big boobs. I've smelled Killian's 'Love', a sickly sweet, chocolatey,ambery concoction that costs almost quid, and it's not a patch on this.

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I keep getting a hint of menthol. Are you prepared to do that? This is a lounge singer in black dress and gloves! It has a root-beer vibe too, a little like Mandorlo Di Sicilia, but not as cuddly or gourmand. I like the first ToD, but I love this one, this time she means business, I can totally relate this scent with Madonna, serious, a bit off the grid, modern yet very traditional, scent itself has an old-fashioned vibe and that's what I love the most, signature worthy imo.

It looks even better in real life, the whole thing is sleek and sexy, even the touch of the glass feels special! I love a warm and initially baking smell.

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SKINNY WITH BIG FAKE TITS Not what I'd classify as gourmand.
Massive milf porn Do you like being wet Ella? Are you prepared to do that?
Naked asian women I'm very disappointed, it's very synthetic , poor in sillage and longevity almost one hour of soft chemical scent. If this was named by some obscure niche perfumer, it would be flying off of the shelves.
Real young naked pics The cedar gives Naked a dry character that seems to tame it from becoming too sweet. They were like miniature bulldog clips.

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