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Find More Posts by rperegrine Would love to have known why she named all 4 daughters after flowers.

And she didn't even seem to trust him to say no to those predatory females. Plus whatever happened to Hyacinths' mother? Another character who struck me as gay was the fellow whose mother insisted "Daddy" had promised to marry her "I got witnesses!

Mary millar naked

And why did Onslow and Daisy's bedroom wallpaper change every fourth episode or so? But it had a good run. Black lesbians ass fucking. They lift my spirits and allow me to truely relax and enjoy myself. Mary millar naked. The pattern,was active from throughwhen it was discontinued. On All in the Family every laugh came from Archie being a stupid bigot or Edith being a well-intentioned dingbat. Always priggishly lecturing her husband about proprieties, and totally convinced that he was being hit on by every female in his flock.

The hats were a one-off promotional thing and one somehow made it into the show's wardrobe department. The look on Hyacinth's face when Richard finally grows a pair and tells her to shut up is priceless. Was there ever an official final episode where they attempted to say goodbye to the characters? Died 10 November aged 62 ovarian cancer Brockley, London, England http: Elizabeth will spill her coffee.

One Foot in the Grave was much better. The look on her face after she flings a bucket of dung on her dessert table is priceless. Gil jung nude. I know several unrelated people in suburban London. Did we ever find out who lived in 23? Send email to harryfielder. What would you suggest I watch that would put Shirley over for me?

Yet here I am. The QE2 episode is about the only one I really don't care for. It clearly follows the literary definition of farce, a form that most Americans are not familiar with.

No, there's nothing brilliant in its concept and certainly not in its gags, it's just a simple idea very well executed, particularly in Hyacinth.

Was this the same episode when some Lord or Earl was constantly trying to pounce on Hyacinth, grabbing her ass etc? On Bewitched every funny moment had to do with Samantha being a witch. Loved everyone, hated the vicars wife. Slightly OT, but if you are a Routledge fan and haven't heard her rendition of "Marvellous Party" on the Cowardy Custard cast recording, break land-speed records to do so.

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View Today's Active Threads. Big tits hang out. I preferred Rose 2. Mary millar naked. It wasn't heavy on plot.

Emmett was a divorced man who worked in musical theater and lived with his sister. How come we never get Dr. It was aimed at and appealed to a very narrow audience. The look on her face after she flings a bucket of dung on her dessert table is priceless. The same stuff became tedious after a while. Someone who could either take the wind out of her sails or react with bemused amusement. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. Milf party girls. Show Printable Version Email this Page.

To me, the problem with the show was that she was never given an adversary. I always wondered why the change in actresses who played Rose. Originally Posted by sabbi Hi Jude86, i think Shirley left KUA to take part in the soap Emmerdale, she plays a character called Edna Birch in it and she is absolutely tailor made for the part as well.

I love this show but it is conspicuously more one-note than most sit-coms. R17, my partner doesn't like to have the show on because he insists I AM Hyacinth.

R82, OP meant "one-joke" in the sense that a majority of the elements listed appear in every single episode. This is why they hate us. Send a private message to delly. I always liked Mary's Rose much better, as I thought she was far more hilarious and true-to-character than Shirley. Edit Storyline When Hyacinth learns that Emmet will soon be presenting a s musical, it isn't long before she sets her sights on a leading role.

You know, it's not a bad series, but quite honestly, it was one joke repeated ten billion times. Nude photos of jill wagner. I work with someone whose last name is Planet. I had no idea for the longest that Mary Millar Rose 2 died back inbless her. Send a private message to SamanthaB. On Bewitched every funny moment had to do with Samantha being a witch. I love this show so much. Use the HTML below.

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R19, in tweeds you probably look like Councilor Mrs. Free xxx big tit pics. I'm going to become a nun! I love Patricia Routledge and she was brilliant in the show, but in real life I can't fathom why they all didn't get together and kill the bitch. Send email to delly. Loved the alluded-to gay son, Sherdian, and his bf, Tarquin, whom mummy thought were good friends and whom Richard knew them to be as gay as gooses.

Having said that, Routledge does come across as a bit haughty but it's hard to tell whether it's professionalism or pique. Daisy and Onslow just my favorite couple. Can you blame them, she's quite the squirter.

The problem with KUA is that Hyacinth never had a worthy adversary, except maybe herself. Child big tits It's just reality in certain middle class suburban white UK ghettos. That is sad - he did a terrific job as Onslow!

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Nude girl chest Even though I've seen every episode numerous times, it never gets old like Golden Girls and Designing Women. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. The QE2 episode is about the only one I really don't care for.
1 trick to fuck hot girls com I enjoy the show and the cast is wonderful, especially Routledge, but it is the same plot every time. Only Molly Sugden has made me happier on any given weekend.
Asian escorts dallas texas View Today's Active Threads. The look on Hyacinth's face when Richard finally grows a pair and tells her to shut up is priceless.
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